Career Profile: Ski Lift Mechanic

by Susan Huebert

During the winter, many people like to go skiing in the mountains. Walking up the hills would be difficult or even impossible in many cases, but using a ski lift […]

The Life of A Firefighter

by author below

By Maryam Sheikh Blaring sirens, bright red trucks, and long hoses. The life of a firefighter is constantly changing. It is sure exhausting, but rewarding. Firefighters must be willing to […]

What Are Morals and Principles?

by Alexa Cairns

Your morals and principles mean a lot; it’s having manners, acts of kindness and common sense when communicating with others respectfully. Earning respect is an important part of maintaining friendships […]

Lying Won’t Get You Anywhere!

by Kaitlyn Hover

We have all lied before, whether it was about a crush we had or why we forgot to turn in homework. Small lies, or white lies as you may have […]

Should I Follow in My Parent’s career Footsteps?

by Alexa Cairns

Many children choose to follow in their parent’s footsteps career-wise; ever wonder why that is? Growing up, we become exposed to the reality of those jobs, the fun aspects of […]

The Benefits of Helping Out at Home

by Anthony Teles

Chores are a pain! That is one thing that many adults and children can agree on. But they are a very important part of everyday life and no home can […]