Happy International Volunteer Day: Why Lending a Hand Is Important

by Rochelle C. Pangilinan

You’ve probably come across the inspirational quote “Be the change you wish to see in the world” in social media countless times. These famous words are widely attributed to Mahatma […]

Suggestions for Making the Most of Your Winter Break (French version available)

by Tiffany Chang

Winter break is something many students (and teachers/instructors) look forward to after a stressful semester/first three months of the school year. People also get excited about celebrating occasions including Christmas, […]

A look at pet adoption and Canada’s ban on street dogs

by author below

By Rabia Khan Dogs are innocent creatures that make any dull day bright. The high risk of rabies has cautioned the Canadian government. They are taking into account the health […]

Fun science experiments to try at home

by author below

By Rabia Khan Life is full of surprises and science can be mind-boggling at times. We were also forced to try different things during the pandemic, watching YouTube videos and […]

Tips and strategies for setting goals for 2023

by author below

By Rabia Khan These three years were like a rocket with feathers. It passed by slower than we expected. Now fast forward through the pandemic, and it’s almost 2023. Goals […]

The biodiversity crisis and climate change

by author below

By Rabia Kahn Nobody can run away from the climate. It is indeed a crisis that everyone is affected by, and that means all of humanity. Pollution, a spiralling population, […]