How to Boost Your Self-Esteem and See Yourself in a Better Light

by Linda Mendes

Self-esteem is the opinion you have about yourself and your abilities. Your self-esteem can be high, low, or in the middle and it can change very often. Having low self-esteem […]

Tips to Avoid Over-Snacking While at Home

by author below

By Mara Hurst While we are sitting around at home, with nothing to do, boredom strikes. And sometimes with that boredom, we resort to grabbing a snack to eat away […]

Career Profile: Commercial Artists

by Susan Huebert

Artists are known for their creativity, such as paintings or sculptures in galleries and on people’s walls. However, commercial artists are different. They work in a variety of industries, using […]

Tips for Prospective International Students Moving and Studying in Canada

by author below

By Selina If you are thinking of studying abroad at the elementary or secondary school level in Canada, or if you are a parent and planning to move to Canada […]

Goal Setting – The SMART Edition

by author below

By Maryam Sheikh Ever dreamt about reaching a goal, only to realize months later that you’ve made no progress? Fear not! Goal setting is a skill and requires smart planning. […]

How to Be Body Positive: Five Things to Stop Telling Yourself

by kyla palin

When it comes to self-esteem, one of the biggest hurdles is body image. Unfortunately this issue is difficult because it comes from within. Here are five things to stop saying […]