«Campus Life» column

A Look at Options for High School Graduates and Post-Secondary Students to Make the Most of Their Summer (French version available)

June 1st, 2022; By Tiffany Chang

Depending on people’s individual situations, summer is usually associated with taking a break from school and pursuing other things. If people organize their time well, it could involve relaxation as […]

I’m just one person! Juggling work, school, chores, cooking, and more.

June 1st, 2022; By author below

By Bhargavi Venkataraman Whether you are a high schooler, a university student, or a working professional, these days, it seems that there is always something to do. From juggling work […]

Racial Bias in the Canadian Healthcare System

June 1st, 2022; By Susan Huebert

When people are sick or injured, they expect that the healthcare system will work for them. Sometimes they get the care they need, but at other times, they leave without […]

Canada’s Prideful and Historic 2021 Census (French version available)

June 1st, 2022; By Sarah Leung

What is a Census? A census is a survey that helps governments know who lives in their communities: it provides a detailed snapshot of citizens, with information such as age, […]

B.C.’s Upcoming Indigenous Course Requirements for High School Students (French version available)

June 1st, 2022; By Sarah Leung

June marks National Indigenous History Month. This month it is important to recognize Indigenous people and their culture as integral parts of Canadian history. Over the years, the Canadian federal and […]

The Pros and Cons of Starting a Business with a Friend (French version available)

June 1st, 2022; By Linda Mendes

Starting a business with a friend may seem like a fun and exciting idea. Although it may be a great idea, it also has its disadvantages. If you are curious […]

How Entrepreneurship Can Drive a Post-COVID World and How You Can Help (French version available)

June 1st, 2022; By Rochelle C. Pangilinan

If there’s one lesson that COVID has taught us, it’s that a great idea can flourish during times of adversity. For example, had you heard of Zoom before the pandemic? […]