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Looking at ChatGPT

May 3rd, 2023; By author below

By Bhargavi Venkataraman What is ChatGPT? ChatGPT, according to its own engine, is “an AI-powered chatbot developed by OpenAI, based on the GPT (Generative Pretrained Transformer) language model. It uses […]

How To Manage and Work With Remote Teams for School/Jobs

May 3rd, 2023; By Tiffany Chang

Working from home for students and professionals became the norm when the world shut down in 2020. Of course, this involved people having to pivot accordingly via utilizing online tools. […]

Algonquin College’s Free the Tampon campaign: The importance of menstrual products being free and available on campus

May 3rd, 2023; By author below

By Avreet Jagdev Algonquin College launched their “Free the Tampon” campaign a couple years ago. In a video they published to YouTube, they shared that the average person spends eighteen […]

Workplace dress codes can be discriminatory against certain races. Here’s how, and what can be done about it.

April 3rd, 2023; By author below

By Avreet Jagdev Over the years, it has become quite common for many work environments to enforce dress codes for their employees. Some workplaces simply ask that employees dress “business […]

Advice for Making The Most Out of Your School Year with Short and Long-Term Goals

April 3rd, 2023; By Tiffany Chang

A school year usually holds many possibilities for students. Of course, these could be either negative or positive. Regardless, students can make the most out of the year through certain […]

Snowstorms in Spring: Explaining Climate Extremes

April 3rd, 2023; By Sarah Leung

Canadians stereotypically live in snow all year. While not year round, 65 per cent of Canada experiences snowfall for more than half a year. Canadians often live through strong winters. […]

How to build a LinkedIn profile that attracts connections and opportunities

April 3rd, 2023; By author below

By Avreet Jagdev Over the past couple of years, LinkedIn has grown immensely as a professional networking tool. It can be very useful for those hunting for jobs, internships, or […]