«Campus Life» column

Maintaining a Healthier Lifestyle in the New Year

January 5th, 2020; By Elora Pharai

The New Year is always an opportunity to start fresh. Every year brings about new interests, hobbies, friends, and happiness. However, it can also bring on some new challenges and […]

Brrr It’s Cold Out There! What We Can Do in the Cold

January 4th, 2020; By Marianne Stephens

Winter can be a little dreary, due to wind, snow and ice storms and the various types of precipitation, from freezing rain (often called sleet) to heavy snow to absolutely […]

STEM Programs in Manitoba

December 30th, 2019; By Susan Huebert

Every day, people use the skills of workers in the STEM fields. They go to doctors, use technology, cross bridges built by engineers, and use computer programs designed with mathematics. […]

A Time of Crises and Protests

December 30th, 2019; By Anthony Teles

Protests are powerful. They are an organized emotional reaction to problems that no one individual person can stand up to on their own. More and more protests are appearing in […]

Fabulous Fall/ Winter Fashion Finds

December 1st, 2019; By author below

By Erin Rebello With the holidays just around the corner it’s about time to start bundling up with cozy sweaters and fuzzy slippers! Though it can be difficult to find […]

Holiday Gift Buying That Won’t Damage the Planet

December 1st, 2019; By Alexa Cairns

Everyone is aware of the struggle of gift buying. However, we are all ignoring the most important thing that we should be focusing on; the environment. With everything we do, […]

Sleep Deprivation While in School

December 1st, 2019; By Marianne Stephens

Sleep deprivation is never a good thing. It can be managed for a short time, but it can get worse and have serious impacts on your long term health. It […]