The Dangers of Always Being on Social...

The Dangers of Always Being on Social Media and How to Beat the Addiction (French version available)

by Tiffany Chang
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There’s no doubt that social media is addictive. From seeing what friends or celebrities/influencers are doing to watching the “likes” increase on your latest post, these without a doubt can be enjoyable past-times. Generally speaking checking social media isn’t necessarily unhealthy (depending on everyone’s individual situation), as many use it for multiple purposes that could be beneficial, e.g. keeping in touch with loved ones living far away. However, it’s still important that you’re aware of its other implications.

Consider the following questions: Have you ever found yourself continuously scrolling through your social media feed(s) without realizing hours have passed? Throughout the day, do you constantly have the urge to reach for your device and see if anything new has been posted?

If you’re concerned regarding the dangers of excessive social media usage, here’s some information about them and ways you can beat the addiction:

What Are The Dangers?

It Could Negatively Impact Your Mental Health

One of the most glaring issues surrounding this topic is how it can affect people’s mental health. Often times, seeing others putting their best moments on social media may spark feelings of insecurity and the need to compare their lives to our own. But also, seeing the negative posted as well as the positive could seriously dampen a person’s mood, especially if they’re consuming it on a regular basis.

Although many networking sites such as Facebook have put some measures in place to hinder anyone from publishing harmful content online, they aren’t perfect and can’t remove every single post nor closely monitor an organization’s or individual’s activity all the time. Plus, the fact that these platforms make it so simple to do so doesn’t help. This situation essentially shows that it’s inevitable for users to be exposed to negativity.

Many Attribute Sleep Deprivation to Using Social Media

The depressing thoughts we have could follow us into the night, likely disrupting our sleeping habits and leading to a lack of crucial energy.

Overall, checking mobile devices just before going to sleep is not a healthy routine as well. It’s not just how much time is spent on social media, it’s also at what time of day you consume the content. Think of the circumstances this way: Why are we stimulating our minds during these hours when we should be relaxing and winding down to get some rest? Everyone needs sleep in order to function properly throughout the day.

How Does One Beat the Addiction?

Take a Good Look at Your Social Media Consumption Habits

The initial step to solving any issue is acknowledging the issue. Social media has become such a normal part of our day-to-day existence that sometimes, there doesn’t appear to be anything inherently wrong. This is where exercising awareness comes into play. We must hold ourselves accountable and ensure social media won’t permeate our lives in a way where it diminishes the quality of how we engage with everyday activities or interactions that occur offline.

Keep Track of the Time You Spend on It

Going on social media via their apps is extremely popular as it is the most convenient method of access. There are plenty of apps available for downloading that can track how long you spend on social media. Each app will have their own helpful features. Try different ones and see which works best for you.

You Could Delete Your Social Media Apps from Your Device(s)

Temporarily deleting the apps from your phone, tablet, etc. is a good option to prevent the temptation of checking as you’ll know the apps won’t be there.

In Extreme Cases, Deleting Your Account(s) Might Be the Best Option

In cases where the suggestions stated above don’t work, deleing some of your accounts might even be the best way to beat the addiction. Think of it as starting fresh. Removing social media from your life could give you the push you need to effectively address the addiction.



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