«Campus Life» column

Being Human: A Guide to Returning to In-Person Learning and Working

April 1st, 2022; By Rochelle C. Pangilinan

The lockdowns and restrictions due to the pandemic have forced most people to study online and/or work from home. While initially not a lot were keen to the idea, as […]

BC’s budget focused on climate change: Addressing the Crisis, Creating Job Opportunities (French version available)

April 1st, 2022; By Susan Huebert

The summer of 2021 in British Columbia showed what climate change can do to the land and the people. Fires that destroyed entire communities, floods that devastated homes and schools, […]

The Working for Workers Act and Why the “Right to Disconnect” is Important (French version available)

April 1st, 2022; By Susan Huebert

In 2021, the government of Ontario introduced the Working for Workers Act to try to help make life better for workers in the province. The act contains several important elements, […]

Tips for Keeping Your Job Hunt Engaging and Productive

April 1st, 2022; By Sarah Leung

Searching for a job can be exhausting, whether you are in-between jobs or looking for your first job. Sometimes you may feel as if the search is meaningless and scrolling […]

How to Start Thinking of the Job You Want (When You Have No Idea What You Want to Do) (French version available)

April 1st, 2022; By Olivia Condlln-Wilby

As you prepare to graduate high school, it may seem like all your friends and classmates have everything figured out – leaving you confused about the future and too shy […]

Marking the World Day for Safety and Health at Work on April 28: Why It’s All the More Important Post-Pandemic

April 1st, 2022; By Rochelle C. Pangilinan

As the number of COVID-19 positive cases are on the decline and the world gradually reverts to normal and a large number of employees are being called back to the […]

Follow Your HeART — 5 Resources to Help You Find a Job in the Arts

March 1st, 2022; By Rochelle C. Pangilinan

Francis Bacon once said, “It is a great happiness when men’s professions and their inclinations accord.” And that’s truly something those with a penchant for the arts can relate to. […]