How to Be Body Positive: Five Things to Stop Telling Yourself

by kyla palin

When it comes to self-esteem, one of the biggest hurdles is body image. Unfortunately this issue is difficult because it comes from within. Here are five things to stop saying […]

How to Get Your Body Used to Running and Make It a Habit

by Linda Mendes

Running is one of the best cardio exercises for your body. It has many benefits. Running engages different muscles groups, boosts your mood, helps you sleep better, and is good […]

Career Profile: Hotel Front Desk Clerk

by Susan Huebert

If you go on a trip, you will likely stay at a hotel at some point. The person you meet first at any hotel is the front desk clerk. People […]

Careers and Jobs That Help the Homeless and Those Living in Poverty

by Susan Huebert

Most cities and towns have at least some people who are homeless or living in poverty, or both. People in this situation might have been going through a difficult time […]

Cyberbullying: Difference from In-Person Bullying and How to Help Someone Who is Being Cyberbullied

by Linda Mendes

You may have heard of the term “cyberbullying”. If not, you are probably wondering what it means. To understand what cyberbullying is, you should know what bullying is first. So, […]

Why Lego Isn’t Just for Little Kids: The Mental Health Benefits of Playing and Building with Lego

by Susan Huebert

Imagine your parents or grandparents buying sets of Lego bricks to make their own buildings and streets. You might wonder if they have forgotten their age and returned to childhood. […]