«College Bound» column

Decorate Your Dorm Room for Comfort and Function

August 22nd, 2017; By Meghan Brown

It’s true that a lot of dorm rooms have a bit of an institutional feel – cinderblock walls, plain white paint, unexciting carpet.  And you’re going to be spending a […]

Post-Secondary School Stereotypes

August 22nd, 2017; By Laura Sciarpelletti

Nothing about college life is truly stereotypical. It will never go the way you think it will. There are certainly stereotypical tropes that you can get lost in at the […]

Leaping into the Post-Secondary Unknown

August 22nd, 2017; By Anthony Teles

Whether your first day of college or university is looming, or you are deep within the trenches of your first year, remember this universal truth: It is scary for everyone. […]

Taking Your G2 or G Road Test? Here are Some Tips to Help You Prepare

August 22nd, 2017; By Jingwei Chen

Driving makes me nervous, so you can imagine that anxiety skyrocketing when I was behind the wheel with a stranger who was watching and judging my every move. Talk about […]

Finding Affordable off-Campus Housing

May 29th, 2017; By Gavin Mercier

Finding housing during your post-secondary career can be a serious challenge – especially in major cities. Competing with hundreds of thousands of people for a very limited amount of housing […]

Pros and Cons of Living in Dorms

May 29th, 2017; By Gavin Mercier

Living in a dorm is the cornerstone of a stereotypical post-secondary experience. You can’t watch a movie or show about university without seeing dorms. But media often glosses over the […]

How to Get Better in English Studies

May 29th, 2017; By Susan Huebert

If you had to name your most important subject in school, you might name something like math, computers, or science. They can lead to good jobs in programming, research, or […]