Ontario Colleges Offering Carpentry...

Ontario Colleges Offering Carpentry Programs

by Susan Huebert
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Some people are good at making tables, shelves, and other objects out of woods. Does that describe you? If you want to study carpentry in Ontario, you will have many choices of where to learn your trade.

Sixteen colleges in Ontario have programs in carpentry, many offering basically the same education. Each program has slight differences that can affect the students’ future career, although any of the colleges can be the right choice for people learning to become carpenters. Most of the programs are about a year long, although some are longer, and some offer apprenticeships.

Many of the colleges offer general carpentry courses. Algonquin College of Applied Arts and Technology has a two-year program in construction carpentry, a carpenter apprentice program, and a program for becoming a building construction technician. Cambrian College has a carpenter general and a carpentry apprentice program, and Canadore College has a Building Construction Technician program and a Renovation Techniques program. Conestoga College of Applied Arts and Technology has a general carpenter program, as well as a special program for Women in the Skilled Trades.

Carpentry courses are also available at other colleges. These schools include Fanshawe College of Applied Arts and Technology, George Brown College, Georgian College, Lambton College of Applied Arts and Technology, Loyalist College, Mohawk College of Applied Arts and Technology, Niagara College, Northern College of Applied Arts and Technology, Sir Sandford Fleming College, and St. Lawrence College. Each one teaches the basics of carpentry but also has a special focus that can fit with what different students need.   

Carpentry is all about working with wood. People in this trade work with construction and renovation of residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. Sometimes they work on restoring heritage buildings, which are older buildings that are special for historical or architectural reasons. Specialty woodworking shops are other places where carpenters can find jobs.

With the different type of work that are available, choosing the right training program is important. For students without much experience in the trade, an apprenticeship program could be an important way of learning the practical skills that they will need for the work. Other students might want to choose a program based on location if they want to be near relatives or at a place where they know some of the instructors.

The cost and the length of the program can make a difference. Some programs are twenty-four weeks and others are fort-eight weeks or somewhere in between. Although the usefulness of the program is more important than the length, some people might need to start earning money quickly. Other people might prefer to have more time to learn the techniques thoroughly before they graduate.

Carpentry is a practical trade, and getting experience is very important. In high school, students can already start to learn the techniques for working with wood. Mathematics courses are useful for calculating the materials needed for various projects, and courses that improve students’ reading skills are essential.

Training as a carpenter can be a good choice for people who enjoy working with their hands and building homes or other structures. Studying at one of these colleges can be a useful way to start.



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