«College Bound» column

What to Do When You Feel You Have No Career Path

January 29th, 2017; By Gavin Mercier

By Gavin Mercier Committing to a career path is a big deal, and one of the bigger choices that you will make in your life. “The rest of your life” […]

Why We Need Laughter During Stressful Times

January 29th, 2017; By Marianne Stephens

At some point in your life, your stress level will be extremely high. There are some easy, quick, and readily available ways to bring yourself back a more calm state […]

Is it Time to See a Counsellor? How to Realize It’s Time to Seek Professional Help, and Where to Find It.

January 29th, 2017; By Mariann Roberts

Sometimes when we hear the word “counsellor,” it can be easy to fall into the misconception that counselling is a helpful resource designated only to those struggling with a mental […]

7 Ways to Craft a Stand-Out Resume

January 24th, 2017; By Giselle Mazurat

With the job market getting more competitive, it’s important that your resume can perform. Here are 7 sure-fire ways to give you an edge on the competition: Use Keywords and […]

Campus Tours

January 2nd, 2017; By Leah Butler

It’s time to decide on your future. It’s time to pick programs, schools and figure out what you’re doing with your life! It can be stressful, scary and down right […]

It’s My First Year of Post-Secondary, What Should I Expect?

December 27th, 2016; By Mariann Roberts

The first year of post-secondary can often feel very scary, and sometimes overwhelming for many students. Post-secondary is such a large leap from the comfort zone of high school, students […]

The State of Journalism and the Media: Positives and Negatives

December 27th, 2016; By Laura Sciarpelletti

It’s no secret that the newspaper industry has been in a dire situation in recent years. In truth, the industry has undergone a complete reorganization, which has not only impacted […]