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Inclusivity is a Necessity for Modern Businesses

by Anthony Teles

Inclusivity is not diversity. For years, there has been emphasis on creating diverse workplaces. But discussions on diversity are limited to the different individuals brought into a company, and can […]

Why is attending and participating in events that concern disabilities is so important?

by Kaitlyn Hover

Have you ever heard of the Paralympic and/or the Parapanam Games? These are two worldwide events where people who have differently-abled bodies can participate and show their skills! The Paralympic […]

Turning Anger into Productivity

by author below

By Erin Rebello Whether it’s a poor mark on a test or a falling out with friends, feelings of anger can really take a toll on the teenage mind. With […]

Moving out of the House

by Alexa Cairns

Depending on the type of person you are, moving out can be a good thing, or a bad thing. This can be a very difficult decision and one that takes […]

Why learning at your own pace is ok!

by Kaitlyn Hover

Everyone is different, and therefore, everyone learns a little bit differently! Have you ever been stuck on a task that you were assigned by your teacher that everyone else seems […]

Difficulty Finding Work…

by Susan Huebert

Life can be hard if you have a disability, especially when you want to find work. With the right help, you can still succeed, even with all of the difficulties […]