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Disability and the Trades

by Susan Huebert

If you have a disability, you can often get used to the limits placed around you. It might seem that getting into a trade is too difficult for anyone with […]

Financial Aid Available for Post-Secondary Students with Disabilities in British Columbia

by Jingwei Chen

Part of a series of articles on financial aid available for post-secondary students with disabilities, this article will feature what assistance is available specifically to British Columbia students. Information on […]

Federal Financial Aid Available for Post-Secondary Students with Disabilities

by Jingwei Chen

There is no question that paying for post-secondary education is difficult. For students with disabilities, this financial barrier can be exacerbated by costs associated with their own individual needs. This […]

Campus Disability Services

by Jasmin Bollman

If you’re a student with a disability looking at your post-secondary options, we’ve provided a handy link to the NEADS website where you can access information about campus disability services […]

NEADS Events April 2018: Mark Your Calendar!


Organizer: University of Toronto – Peer Mentorship Program, Accessibility Services Title: University of Toronto’s Transition Day Category: Education Location: Toronto, Ontario Date: April 25, 2018 Telephone: 416-978-1497 E-mail: rouya.botlani.esfahani@utoronto.ca Web […]

A Closer Look at a Career as a Baker

by Rochelle C. Pangilinan

A lot of people can’t take their coffee in the morning without a pastry or two on hand—be it a cookie, a croissant, or a muffin. And just as there […]