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A Closer Look at a Career as a Librarian

by Rochelle C. Pangilinan

  Have you ever noticed that whenever librarians are depicted in TV or film, typically they’re shown as stuffy professionals who rarely smile surrounded by dusty books? In real life, […]

Attending Events to Transform the World for Those with Disabilities

by Anthony Teles

The world has never been so big… or this small. Billions of people are connected through ever-evolving technologies. We have the potential to make new friends and embark on different […]

The Use of Technology in Our Daily Lives

by Linda Mendes

The use of technology can be a very controversial topic. Some people do not believe that it does any good in our daily lives, while others believe that with new […]

Community Events for May 2019!


Organizer: Sarasvàti Productions Title: Seven Visions: Reconciliation through Theatre Category: Education Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba Date: May 4, 2019 Telephone: 204-586-2236 E-mail: associate@sarasvati.ca Web site: www.sarasvati.ca Description: Sarasvàti Productions is proud […]

Career Profile: Service Station Attendants

by Susan Huebert

Every day, thousands of cars, trucks, and buses drive down the roads, and they all need fuel. If you become a service station attendant, you will help these vehicles to […]

Career Profile: Paper Hanger

by Susan Huebert

Making a room look nice takes a lot of work. Interior decorators might plan the colours and designs, but sometimes, other people do the work to make it all come […]