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How easy or difficult is it for you to do the activities in this list? Everyone has activities that they find easier to perform than others. Occupations have different sets of activities that use various levels and combinations of aptitudes or abilities. Assess your abilities using the following quiz; identify on the scale of [very easy] to [very difficult] the level of your ability for each category. You will get a list of occupations to explore that matches your abilities profile.

Contains 39 questions. Approximate completion time: 10 minutes

How easy is that for you?
1=Very Easy; 2=Easy; 3=About Average; 4=Difficult; 5=Very Difficult
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1. Learn and understand things quickly?
2. See fine details in objects?
3. Draw things accurately?
4. Use equipment such as a computer keyboard or a cash register?
5. Read and understand written material?
6. Hit a moving object, such as a baseball with a bat?
7. Sort things quickly?
8. Check for mistakes in adding or subtracting?
9. Make change when working with money?
10. Write and correct text?
11. Move your hands to manipulate things?
12. Imagine what a box would look like if unfolded?
13. Thread a needle?
14. Catch on quickly and reason things out?
15. Solve arithmetic problems?
16. Proofread printed pages?
17. Inspect things for details such as colouring, scratches, dust, and flaws?
18. Sort small objects into trays?
19. Pick up tiny objects?
20. Make accurate measurements?
21. Pick out differences in two similar pictures?
22. Figure out and solve problems?
23. Use a coding system to classify or find information?
24. Move and turn objects?
25. Understand and use new words easily?
26. Repair small objects using your fingers?
27. Do well at school?
28. Imagine what something would look like from seeing a diagram of it?
29. Understand abstract mathematical concepts?
30. To take things apart and put them back together properly?
31. Make small finger movements like playing a violin?
32. Collect data and analyze statistics?
33. Use hand tools to adjust machines and repair things?
34. Understand and apply principles of geometry?
35. Understand instructions or ideas that are explained to you?
36. Transfer numbers or other information from one place to another without errors?
37. Use hand tools?
38. Express information and ideas easily and clearly?
39. Recognize small parts of machinery, equipment, or products?