Work Preference Quiz

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Your interests and the way you like to work are an important aspect to consider in deciding on a career direction.

Contains 50 questions. Approximate completion time: 15 minutes

How does this describe you?
1=Completely; 2=Fairly well; 3=Unsure; 4=Not very well; 5=Not at all
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1. I like to work at the same thing for a long time
2. I like to build things and/or repair them
3. I like to dig deeply into topics to solve problems
4. I like to finish one job before I start the next
5. I enjoy directing people in their activities
6. I would like to have a job where I work at a steady pace all day
7. I enjoy activities which give me the opportunity to test and measure in some way
8. I would like to be responsible for organizing an activity and planning something for everyone to do
9. I like to help my friends to solve their problems
10. I would like to be responsible for a project or activity and have to look after many different details to complete it
11. I enjoy books and television programs on scientific subjects such as astronomy and biology
12. I enjoy working with tools and machinery
13. I enjoy working according to prescribed methods
14. I like to solve my own problems and do projects using my own ideas
15. When I do a project or other job, I do it carefully, one step at a time
16. I would like a job where I could direct, control and plan the activities of other workers
17. I like to take charge of things and get them done
18. I enjoy experimenting with different methods to accomplish something or to solve a problem
19. I would like to have a job operating machinery all day
20. I would like to have a job where I am able to keep equipment or machinery in working order
21. I would like a job that is involved in community service
22. I would like to have a job where I always know what is expected of me
23. I would like a job where I had to deal with people all day
24. I would like a job where I do mathematical calculations as part of some technical work
25. I would like a job that is involved with social betterment
26. I like working with my hands, doing things such as plumbing repairs, sewing, fixing cars, or wallpapering
27. I enjoy finding out from books and TV programs how things are made or how things work
28. I like a job where my work is usually closely checked and inspected
29. I like to assist people when they are sick or in trouble
30. I find it easy to work with people and to cooperate with them
31. I enjoy working with materials such as wood, stone, clay, fabric or metal
32. I enjoy having a lot of things to think about
33. I have been the leader of a club, committee, team or organization
34. I am able to help people who are worried or upset
35. I like to have established rules to work by
36. I enjoy working with tools, equipment or technical instruments
37. I would like a job in which I work with machines or things rather than dealing with people
38. I prefer being in control of a group rather than just a member
39. I do volunteer work with organizations that help people
40. I would like to work on research projects
41. I would like a job where I can take responsibility for decisions
42. I am usually successful in getting people to do what I want
43. I like to go through evidence to solve problems
44. I enjoy looking after people
45. I am able to take orders
46. I would like a job interviewing people to get their opinions about things or events
47. I would like a job where I am responsible for organizing my own activities the way I see fit
48. I would like to work on projects that allow me to discover new facts or ideas
49. I like to do the same task until it is finished
50. I enjoy hobbies I can do on my own, such as building models, gardening, refinishing old furniture or developing photographs