Trades: 5 Reasons to Join a Trades Union

by Meghan Brown

When you hear about unions on the news, it is often in the context of a strike or a conflict with provincial politicians, but with little to no explanation of […]

Career profile: Heavy Equipment Operator

by Susan Huebert

Every building or road has materials like concrete, stone, asphalt, or other materials. People who work as heavy equipment operators use machines to put these materials in place on roads, […]

Career Profile: Medical Appliance Technician

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If you have ever broken an arm or a leg, you probably had to wear a cast for a few weeks. For people who need something more permanent, a medical […]

The Oil Industry & COVID-19

by Anthony Teles

The COVID-19 pandemic is a watershed moment in our history. One of its biggest impacts has been and will be on the energy sector. Many have long been questioning the […]

Surviving COVID-19 – Canadian Construction Industry Forges On

by Rochelle C. Pangilinan

There’s no denying that construction is a major player in Canadian economy, employing more 1.2 million men and women. In addition, it remains to be one of the sectors that […]

Keeping Things Afloat – How the Trades Industry Is Managing the COVID-19 Crisis

by Rochelle C. Pangilinan

Before the world became under siege from the effects of the coronavirus pandemic early this year, the trades industry was showing signs of great promise. Economy watchers and experts were […]