Pipefitters (French version available)

by Susan Huebert

Pipes are everywhere in our cities and towns, carrying water, fuels, or other substances to and from buildings or across the country. When these pipes work well, they are barely […]

Carpet Installers (French version available)

by Susan Huebert

In many homes, some floors have tile or wood, and others have carpet. The carpet might seem like a natural part of the room, but someone has to install it. […]

Breaking Down Barriers – Overcoming the Stereotypes on Skilled Trades

by Rochelle C. Pangilinan

An article in the Toronto Star by economics columnist Heather Scoffield states that there remains to be a significant difference in how men and women are paid in the country. […]

Career Profile: Auto Body Repairer (French version available)

by Susan Huebert

Every day, accidents happen on roads all over Canada. They might be minor and barely dent or scratch the vehicles involved, or they might badly damage cars or trucks. For […]

Career Profile: Information Technology Network Technician

by Susan Huebert

If you ever work with computers, you know how helpful but sometimes frustrating they can be. You might have worked for hours on a project and then found that only […]

Career Profile: Powerline Technician

by Susan Huebert

Turning on a light, using the oven, or recharging a phone seem like simple actions, but they require power, often from electricity. That power uses overhead and underground lines that […]