School Street Superheroes: A School...

School Street Superheroes: A School Crossing Guard Career Profile

by Sadie Osborne
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When crossing busy streets, especially near schools, you will often find a friendly man or woman with a brightly coloured vest and a stop sign helping people cross safely. They are called crossing guards, and they are a very important part of the community.

School crossing guards have the authority to control the traffic so that pedestrians can cross busy streets safely. Because of this authority, motorists and pedestrians must obey the crossing guard’s actions. However, that is the only authority they have. They do not have the power to arrest or give out traffic citations.

The average salary of a school crossing guard is $12.49 an hour, but only work around two to three hours a day or about 10 hours a week. But they also have paid holidays, PA (Professional Activity) days and on call pay. This all equals out to about $24,356 a year. With this they also get summers off, flexibility to their schedules and paid mileage. Some can get more hours and work at a number of different schools during the week if the opportunity is there. Mostly, this position is a part-time job and considered a great one if you are working as a freelancer or have another part time job aside from the crossing guard position.

The requirements to become a school crossing guard may vary depending on where you are looking to work. These are the requirements for crossing guards in Ontario, Canada: At the very least you will need a high school diploma or GED (General Education Diploma/Development). There is no exact experience needed for this job, and training is provided by the school district. However, much like other jobs, you should have some work experience to show you are reliable. And although it is not required, having a driver’s license will be helpful. It would also be beneficial to gain credentials like First Aid training. For more information on this job, you can ask your career counsellor at school and or do more research on the internet for age requirements and openings.

School crossing guards are an essential part of road safety for children and teens. We need them to help keep kids safe when arriving to, and leaving their schools.






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      Hi there! This can be a job for anyone, and does not necessarily have to be a career to pursue. It is good to know every type of job that is out there-whether you are preparing for your Ph.D or not. Please be kind in your comments! Thanks!

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