Ho Ho Holidays! Yay!

Ho Ho Holidays! Yay!

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Take a load off! The Holidays are here! Well, at least a small break from tests, exams and the daily classroom grind. Have you been looking forward to this year’s Holidays? Planning something special? A tropical trip? An interesting course away from school? The opportunity to do something special for yourself and others  this Holiday is endless.

On the other hand, you might be working this season, taking on a retail job that allows you to be flexible with your hours and free time. Working more isn’t always something that people want to do when they get out of school, but if you are wanting to buy something for yourself or others, it can be necessary. It isn’t so bad to get a job over the holidays because it is a boost of cash flow and you can also add it to your working resume, which in high school, isn’t that long; this is a way to show future employers you are responsible and motivated to work.

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Stay safe and have a great Holiday!

Erin Kelly

Content Editor

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