Making the Most Out of Your Summer...

Making the Most Out of Your Summer Vacation

by Teodora Pasca
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As the weather gets reliably warmer and the assignments begin to die down, you have probably realized that the school year is coming to a close. If you’re a post-secondary student, it’s likely your break is just around the corner; if you’re in high school, you’ve got just a couple of months to go. That in mind, start thinking about how you’re going to spend your time on vacation.

It may seem great to have all that time on your hands, it’s important to use it wisely. Being out of school for a few months can cause your brain to get a little lazy, which unfortunately means that the cramming you did for finals isn’t going to stick unless you keep at it. You worked hard for the better part of the year, so you definitely don’t want that knowledge to go to waste.

Of course, there’s another side to summertime that doesn’t focus on academics. You can use the time to advance your goals, practice your hobbies or just explore. Think of how little free time you have during the school year: aren’t there so many things you wish you could have done? Capitalize on your summer vacation to cross some things off your bucket list.

There are many ways you can make the most of your summer. Here are some suggestions.

Summer employment is a good way to gain work experience, as well as make some money (which can be particularly important for those of you heading into post-secondary). A job can teach you responsibility, time management, and work ethic. If you’re looking for something humanitarian or more relevant to your career goals down the line, consider applying for an internship or volunteering for an organization you love.

We all have something that makes us tick, and summertime can be a great opportunity to practice your hobbies (or develop new ones). If you’re looking for a challenge, try something new—you have a few months to take a class or follow a self-coaching program in an activity you’ll enjoy.

If you have the opportunity, travel, exchange, or a road-trip with some friends is a great way to explore (and take advantage of the lovely weather). If travel is not financially or logistically feasible for you, take some time to explore where you live. There’s sure to be a unique restaurant you’ve never eaten at or a fun event you’ve never checked out.

Think about setting goals for the coming year, and take the opportunity to get a head start. School may seem ages away at the start of the summer, but free time (regrettably) goes fast. If you think ahead, you’ll be at a great advantage once the new semester begins.

And finally, don’t forget to relax. School’s out, you worked very hard, and you deserve some time just for you. Take a break and live your summer on your own terms—you’ve earned it.

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