The Wilderness of Winter

The Wilderness of Winter

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Welcome to the November issue of JobsPeopleDo !

Winter is sneaky. One moment you are gathering up fallen leaves from your yard; the next minute you are putting on your winter boots and coat so you don’t freeze on your way to school. The same can be said about tests and final year-end projects; one day you get the assignment, and before you can blink, the assignment is due already! Don’t let winter or that upcoming assignment catch you off guard. If you prepare for your year-end tests and assignments, you can allow yourself to get caught in the beautiful wilderness of winter; nothing can bring you down!

In this issue, we have a ton of new website updates,  job videos and articles. Make sure to check out the job video section to see what’s new- you might find the career of your dreams! This month we have articles on how to develop employability skills, critical thinking, how to study for multiple choice exams, how to form a study group in college, tips for taking a test, running a business in the trades, and scholarship essay question examples, just to name a few.

Embrace the oncoming cold, and plunge ahead into success!

Fortune favours the bold.

~ Latin Proverb~



Erin Lynne Bouman

Content Editor

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