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Fun, Recreational Organizations: Manitoba

by Erin Kelly
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Looking for fun, recreational clubs and organizations to join? Here is a great list of Manitoba organizations that will help you gain skills, friends in the community, and a sense of independence.

Among Friends: Brought to you by Community Living, Winnipeg
Among Friends is an organization that brings together differently abled youth from ages 13-21. The program encourages learning new life skills, making friends and the building of confidence. One of the great programs run by Among Friends is Art Among Friends- an inclusive visual arts class for youth with disabilities.

For more information on Among Friends:

Art Among Friends:


OHEYS Autism Programs
“OHEYS promotes the principles of healthy children and families and the full and active participation of children with autism in our community. Our mandate to provide affordable, accessible, direct activity programs to children and families with autism.”http://www.oheys.org/#

Programs (but not limited to):
• Jobs & Sports Work Experience Summer Camp (age 14-21)
• Middle Years Adventure Camp 2016 (ages 10-14)
• Teen Jobs Success! (14+)


Rehabilitation Centre for Children
Leisure in Fun Environments ( L.I.F.E. Program)
“The L.I.F.E. program encompasses the variety of programs and services provided through the RBC Therapeutic Recreation & Wellness Program, the Active Living Centre and Summer Day Camps at the Rehabilitation Centre for Children.”http://www.rccinc.ca.php53-10.ord1-1.websitetestlink.com/programs-services/leisure-in-fun-environments-l-i-f-e-program/

Activities and programs range from cooking clubs, music clubs, movie nights, festivals, bike days, swim days and more!

Visit the website for a more in-depth look at all the different programs and their dates:


Manitoba Riding for the Disabled Association

Manitoba Riding for the Disabled Association Mission Statement:
“To enable children living with special needs and disability to experience horseback riding with all the therapeutic and social benefits proven to go along with it.”http://www.mrda.cc/

Contact Info:
Manitoba Riding for the Disabled Association, Inc.
Email: exedir@mrda.cc
145 Pacific Avenue
Winnipeg, MB R3B 2Z6
Phone: (204) 925.5905
Fax: (204) 925.5792


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