Career Profile: Bicycle Repair

Career Profile: Bicycle Repair

by Susan Huebert
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Bicycles need a lot of repairs. Tires go flat because of broken glass on the road, brakes need tightening, and all kinds of other parts break down. These problems are frustrating for cyclists, but they provide jobs in bicycle repair. Becoming a bike mechanic can be a good career choice.

Bicycles can seem simple until something goes wrong. Bike mechanics need to know how all of the gears, wheels, spokes, and other parts work. When they replace a tire, for example, they have to disconnect the brakes, loosen bolts, take the tire apart, and change the inner tube. Then they need to be able to put the bicycle back together.

Some people take courses at community colleges to become bicycle mechanics, but others learn on the job. Working as an assistant in a bike shop is a good place to start. If you have a bicycle of your own, you can practice taking it apart and putting it back together. Working with an experienced mechanic and getting practice will help you to become skillful at the work.

Many bicycle mechanics work in shops, together with others, but sometimes they work alone. In areas where it snows a lot in winter, the job tends to be much busier in summer than in other seasons.

Working hours for bicycle mechanics are usually quite regular, especially in a large shop with many other employees. However, the job can be difficult at times, especially when it involves working with small moving parts and with all different kinds of bicycles.

Being a bike mechanic is not a clean job. The oil that mechanics use on bicycle chains and other moving parts can make their hands very dirty, and the shop areas might have a lot of spare parts lying around. Working with bikes can require a lot of strength for tightening bolts or lifting bikes onto racks. However, even people who are quite small can become bicycle mechanics if they find ways to deal with that.

Like in many jobs, pay for bicycle repair depends on experience. At first, people in this field might earn minimum wage, but wages increase with experience. The average wage is $15.87 per hour in Canada, with more experienced mechanics often earning much more than that. Being able to work well with others and to deal with the public is very important, but the ability to work alone is also necessary.

Bicycle repair work is not necessarily a lifelong career, but it can be a good option for people who like to work with their hands. If you choose this job, you will help many people enjoy their outdoor activities.


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