A New Year. A Fresh Start. Let’s...

A New Year. A Fresh Start. Let’s Do This!

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How weird is it that it’s now 2022? Imagine if someone had told you what the past two years would bring back in 2019. Rising case counts, new restrictions, and a return to online schooling for many are just the latest in an unpredictable pandemic. But it’s still the New Year. That means just as we always have in years past, we’re talking about resolutions, new hopes, and encouragement for a fresh start.

This month, JPD has tips on how to set goals, both short and long-term. For high school students looking ahead, that can mean selecting a post-secondary school, a daunting task with or without a pandemic. For soon-to-be graduates and job hunters, that can mean preparing your cover letter to get the job you want.

January can be a tough month as we head back to school or work and say goodbye to the holiday season. In this issue, we take a look at why January has been said to have the saddest day of the year, and offer a career profile on mental health counsellors who work to help those that are struggling.

We can simultaneously take precautions against COVID-19 while looking ahead to what the year has to offer. After nearly two years, we’ve gotten pretty good at balancing the pandemic with our plans. JPD continues to be your online resource as you tackle remote schooling, working from home, and your goals for 2022 and beyond. Let’s do this!

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