Jobs for people who love the cold...

Jobs for people who love the cold weather

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By Rabia Khan

It’s that time of the year when it gets hard to step out of the house as the cold breeze seeps in. However, winter season rings in plenty of opportunities for those who love working hard in the cold. There are challenges working during extreme weather conditions but as long as one loves the feel of it, it’s worth giving a shot. Here are some jobs for those who love the cold weather.

  1. Ski Journalist

The job of a journalist is upbeat and very fast-paced and it doesn’t change when winter hits. Writing about skiing is a job that ski journalists do for a living. The two things they adore – writing and skiing (or snowboarding) – allow them to make reasonable incomes. People in this role love skiing love double tasking – while skiing, they write about it!

  1. Photographer

Photography is a profession that involves taking pictures for a client or putting your work on your terms. Creative freedom may or may not be granted to a photographer. There are several winter magazines that hire professional photographers to click picture of beautiful landscapes of places that are hit by extreme cold or weather conditions.

  1. Sales Associate

When winter hits, one of the industries that can get impacted the most is that of sales associates. People either opt for full-time or part-time positions. This role can be high-paying and comes with many perks. Alongside this, there are many benefits to working in a retail store – who doesn’t like store discounts?

  1. Ski Operator

If you love snow and enjoy the winter season, working as a ski operator is your go-to job. For some, skiing is a passion, and they can do it any time of the day! Not many are aware that there are companies that hire ski operators during the winter season.

  1. Snow Plower

There’s so much hard work when it comes to snow plowing and it isn’t an easy job. Snow plowers earn a lot of money annually because it requires aggressive exertion. It’s a fun and exciting job for those who love enjoying the snow.

  1. Cold Storage Manager

It is highly likely to find a full-time job as a cold storage supervisor, and if you love working during cold weather, this role fits your schedule! One should be aware that night and weekend shifts may be required, depending on the position. In addition, they are available 24 hours a day for emergency situations. 

  1.  Santa Claus

Christmas brings festive vibes! You have the opportunity to dress up as Santa Claus and make people laugh. If you are people pleaser and people person, this job can be a good fit. This is the most popular winter/seasonal position which requires highly professional acting skills. You can also train on how to become Santa Claus.

  1. Delivery Persons

Since winter season leads to employers’ shortage working in delivery service, there are plenty of roles in the delivery service that you can fill during the cold weather. One may get provided a vehicle to deliver goods and services, but owning a car can benefit you in many ways.

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