Student Life

What You Can Do with an English BA

by Maria Cruz

It takes a simple Google search to see just how many people search what to do with an English degree. For the most part, people already think that the arts […]

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CBC Podcast for High School Students

by Maria Cruz

CBC has introduced a new podcast, specifically designed for high school students called This is High School. So, if you’ve ever had a hard time trying to explain the difficulties […]

Where to Find Volunteer Opportunities, Part 2

by Jingwei Chen

In part 1 of this article series, I gave three common places where high school students may volunteer and fulfill the mandatory 40 hours of community service they need in […]

Getting the Most out of Volunteering

by Jason LeBlanc

At a younger age, volunteering can have some major benefits. If you have approached a teacher, guidance counselor, a parent, or a volunteer organization seeking different ways to volunteer, you’re […]

Getting Your Volunteer Hours!

by Jason LeBlanc

So you’re looking to fill those required 40 hours of volunteer service– we get it, it’s not easy. The requirement to fill 40 hrs of volunteering is easy for some […]

Medical School Curricula: Traditional Medicine Vs. Naturopathic Medicine

by Jingwei Chen

Did you know that there are actually two types of medical schools in Canada? You are probably very familiar with medical schools, such as the schools at the University of […]