Student Life

Career Profile: Dietetic Technician

by Susan Huebert

Everyone has to eat to live, but not everyone gets the right nutrition to stay healthy. That’s where dietetic technicians can help. These people work together with dietitians and their […]

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Career Profile: Diagnostic Medical Sonographer

by Susan Huebert

Medicine can be a complicated field since what doctors and nurses see on the outside might not show the real problem. When they need to know what is happening inside […]

Career Profile: Actuary

by Susan Huebert

Suppose that you had to make an important decision about money. You might want to get some advice. For insurance companies, actuaries help people to make good decisions about how […]

Career Profile: Medical Equipment Preparer

by Susan Huebert

When you go to the doctor, you might see a few different people. Besides the doctor, you might see the receptionist and maybe a few nurses or other doctors. Many […]

Career Profile: Director of Dental Surgery

by Susan Huebert

When you get a cavity in your tooth, you need to get a filling. If you have a more serious problem, you might need surgery. A director of dental surgery […]

Career Profile: Accountant

by Meghan Brown

If you have an interest in understanding how the business and financial worlds work, or are good at mathematics and detail oriented, then being an accountant might be a good […]