Student Life

Community Colleges in Manitoba

by Susan Huebert

Suppose that you wanted to become a doctor or an engineer in Manitoba. You would need to go to university to get your official training and qualifications. If you wanted […]

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What is a Free-lancer and What do they do?

by Laura Sciarpelletti

Having a full-time steady job in the arts is becoming harder and harder to achieve, prompting many people to become their own bosses and enter the world of freelancing. A […]

Taking on Too Much and How to Get Back on Track

by Susan Huebert

Some people love being busy. They enjoy having meetings, going to concerts, and all kinds of activities to attend every week. It can be very easy to take on too […]

Your Post-Secondary Goals may change, and that is okay.

by Keaton Peterson

I wanted to be an accountant.I figured I’d complete my mandatory year of prerequisite arts at the University of Alberta, transfer to the Faculty of Business, and major in accounting. […]

How to Make your Dorm a Home

by Laura Sciarpelletti

A new setting can be exciting, scary, sad or a little bit of all three. Chances are that if you are moving into a dorm at your new college or […]

How to Combine School & Work

by Anthony Teles

Lecture after lecture. Essay after essay. It is a struggle in and of itself to maintain a high quality output of schoolwork and a robust grade point average. How then […]