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Indigenous Student Scholarships

November 1st, 2022; By Anthony Teles

Métis Student Bursary Program https://www.metisnation.org/programs-and-services/education-training/post-secondary-education/mno-scholarships-and-bursaries/ MNO Major Targeted Bursaries https://www.metisnation.org/programs-and-services/education-training/post-secondary-education/mno-scholarships-and-bursaries/mno-major-targeted-bursaries/ Other Scholarships and Bursaries https://www.metisnation.org/programs-and-services/education-training/post-secondary-education/mno-scholarships-and-bursaries/other-scholarships-bursaries/

October 2022 Scholarships: Apply now!

October 3rd, 2022; By Anthony Teles

Western’s Admission Scholarships for Black Students and for Indigenous Students Scholarship Value: $2,500 to $6,000 Awards Available: 40 for Black Students; 30 for Indigenous Students Award Deadline: N/A   Young […]

The APTN Scholarship Program for Aboriginal Media Makers

October 3rd, 2022; By Anthony Teles

Canada has a strong media landscape filled with different careers. Landing those opportunities requires a delicate combination of talent, networking, and timing. Enrolling in a college or university program for […]

June 2022 Scholarships: Apply now!

June 1st, 2022; By Anthony Teles

Automotive Industries Association of Canada and the University of the Aftermarket Foundation Scholarship Scholarship Value: $700 Awards Available: 5 Award Deadline: June 15, 2022 Address: https://www.aiacanada.com/career-resources/grants-and-scholarships/aia-and-the-university-of-the-aftermarket-foundation-uofaf-scholarship-program/   Communication Contest for the […]

What is Money Really Worth?

May 2nd, 2022; By Anthony Teles

Why is money so important? These little coins, pieces of paper, and abstract numbers in our bank accounts have played a critical role in civilization. But ultimately, they are just […]

May 2022 Scholarships: Apply now!

May 2nd, 2022; By Anthony Teles

Irene Adler Prize for students pursuing journalism, creative writing, or literature Scholarship Value: $1,000 Awards Available: 1 Award Deadline: May 30, 2022 Address: https://www.lucasaykroyd.com/scholarships   Lime Connect Pathways Scholarship for […]

Financial Questions to Ask Before Going to Post-Secondary School

May 2nd, 2022; By Anthony Teles

Are you planning on going to post-secondary school this year or next? There are a lot of matters to consider, from the typical issues high school graduates encounter, to the […]