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March 2020 Scholarships: Apply Now!

March 1st, 2020; By Erin Kelly

Diabetes Hope Foundation Scholarship Program Scholarship Value: $2,500 Awards Available: 35 Award Deadline: March 9, 2020 Address: https://diabeteshopefoundation.com/scholarship-program/   Leonard Foundation Financial Assistance Program Scholarship Value: $1,500 Awards Available: 140 […]

Where Do I Inquire About Scholarships?

February 28th, 2020; By Sadie Osborne

A scholarship is a financial award that is given to a student in order to help them continue their education. There are different kinds of scholarships and they will all […]

Scholarships for February 2020: Apply Now!

February 2nd, 2020; By Erin Kelly

ExploraVision Awards Scholarship Value: $10,000 Awards Available: 40 Award Deadline: February 10, 2020 Address: https://www.exploravision.org/rules-requirements   Harry Arthurs Alumni Families Entrance Scholarship Scholarship Value: $24,000 Awards Available: 1 Award Deadline: […]

Student Finances Without Family

February 1st, 2020; By Alicia Natividad

A lot of people are fortunate enough to say that family is something that they can rely on. Family can be and often is a huge part of a student’s […]

The Scoop On Indigenous Student Scholarships Today

February 1st, 2020; By Susan Huebert

Getting an education can help people find good jobs and even a purpose in life. Paying for courses can be difficult, but financial aid can help. For Indigenous students, special […]

Which Comes First: Money or Happiness?

January 5th, 2020; By Linda Mendes

You’ve probably heard the saying “money can’t buy happiness”. Some agree with that saying and others do not. Different people have different views and opinions. If you really think about […]

January 2020 Scholarships: Apply NOW!

January 5th, 2020; By Erin Kelly

Alberta Blue Cross’s Indigenous Scholarship Program Scholarship Value: $1,500 Awards Available: 6 Award Deadline: January 15, 2020 Address: https://ab.bluecross.ca/aboutus/indigenous-scholarships.php   DECA Student Scholarships Scholarship Value: $3,000 Awards Available: 80 Award […]