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March 2022 Scholarships: Apply now!

March 1st, 2022; By Anthony Teles

Stossel in the Classroom Scholarship Contest Scholarship Value: $50 to $2,500 Awards Available: 51 Award Deadline: March 11, 2022 Address: https://stosselintheclassroom.org/essay-contest/ Leonard Foundation Scholarship Program Scholarship Value: $1,000 to $1,500 […]

February 2022 Scholarships: Apply now!

February 1st, 2022; By Anthony Teles

Indigenous Student Scholarships Métis Student Bursary Program https://www.metisnation.org/programs-and-services/education-training/post-secondary-education/mno-scholarships-and-bursaries/ MNO Major Targeted Bursaries https://www.metisnation.org/programs-and-services/education-training/post-secondary-education/mno-scholarships-and-bursaries/mno-major-targeted-bursaries/ Other Scholarships and Bursaries https://www.metisnation.org/programs-and-services/education-training/post-secondary-education/mno-scholarships-and-bursaries/other-scholarships-bursaries/ ONECA Scholarships, Bursaries, and Financial Support http://www.oneca.com/transitions/scholarships.html   February 2022 Scholarships Laurier […]

Non-Academic Scholarships

January 4th, 2022; By author below

By Mara Hurst Many students looking forward to post-secondary education have a large question on their minds: How will I pay for this? Post-secondary education can be very pricey and […]

January 2022 Scholarships: Apply now!

January 4th, 2022; By Anthony Teles

Alberta Blue Cross’s Indigenous Scholarship Program Scholarship Value: $1,500 Awards Available: 6 Award Deadline: January 15, 2022 Address: https://www.community.ab.bluecross.ca/programs/indigenous-scholarships.php   Mayor Andree Boucher Memorial Scholarship Scholarship Value: $4,500 Awards Available: […]

Money Mishaps & How to Fix Them

January 4th, 2022; By Anthony Teles

Quite often, no single purchase feels like too much. It is the culmination of our actions that lead to financial difficulties. While in college or university, we are at an […]

December 2021 Scholarships: Apply now!

December 1st, 2021; By Anthony Teles

Novus Biologicals Scholarship Program Scholarship Value: $1,500 Awards Available: 2 Award Deadline: December 8, 2021 Address: https://www.novusbio.com/scholarship-program.html   Burger King Scholars Program Scholarship Value: $50,000 Awards Available: 10 Award Deadline: […]

Money and Your Career: Weighing What Makes You Happy

December 1st, 2021; By Rochelle C. Pangilinan

The cost of living is getting higher and higher and it may seem safer to be practical rather than idealistic. As such, practicality can play a part when deciding on […]