Planning ahead

Planning ahead

by Kevin Mornay
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College will work itself out, right? You’ll get there, get a room and everything will fall into place.

Well, that may not be the case. Here is some advice from people who have successfully entered the college world.

Knowing my senior year would be chaotic, I started to plan for college in my junior year. I made the best grades I have ever made to raise my GPA so I could apply to the University of Toronto. It was the best thing I could have ever done.

Having a good GPA will show colleges or universities how dedicated to your schoolwork you are. Yes, they do like to see community service and other school activities, but those can only go so far. With a good GPA, you show that you are not only a good student, but also a hardworking and dedicated person. That is why the time to start worrying about high school grades is the moment you enter high school. If you start good studying habits then, and get your GPA up as high as you can get it, you will more than likely get into the post secondary institution  of your choice.

Some study mechanisms or methods used in high school may work after high school, and some may not. I did not truly learn how to study until my junior year of college, and then it was easy. If your old methods fail, try new ones until you find ones that work. The earlier you achieve this, the better.

I believe that everyone should volunteer, even if it’s as simple as tutoring a friend. Colleges and Universities are looking for well-rounded people to enroll in their institutions.

Pick your school based on your own needs. Ten years from now, it probably won’t matter what your boyfriend thought or where your friends all went to school. Extract yourself from your current social situation and think about what would be best for you.

I believe the most important way you can plan and prepare for post secondary  is by researching, visiting and communicating with the college or university that you plan to attend. Once you have been accepted , you must obtain as much knowledge about the school before you decide to attend. After all, wherever you decide will be your home for the next four to five years, and that is a big commitment.

Get to know professors. This is very important. You might want a recommendation letter later that could help you get a job. Get to know them, and make sure they get to know you.”


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