Career Profile: Retail

Career Profile: Retail

by Laura Sciarpelletti
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So you love clothes. Or you love electronics. You get excited about new products in sports, or gardening or books and film. As soon as it’s time to get your first job, there will be a lot available to you. Many of your peers with go to service and retail when it’s time to join the work force, and staying in those genres of employment may be a long-term thing. In truth, retail in particular can become not only a tong term career choice, but also a high paying one as well. Here are some careers in retail that take place on a higher level:

Supply chain management

Getting products from the suppliers through distribution centers and getting the products into the hands of the customers. This is an especially difficult job the bigger the retailer is. It’s one of the highest-level jobs you can have in the retail industry without being an owner. It is your job to plan supply routes, find affordable ways to transport goods and make sure that the stores always have the right amount of product.

Merchandising and marketing

Making things look pretty! Well, specifically organizing items that your store (or stores if you’re in charge of a chain’s marketing strategies) in a way that is appealing to the customer. In other words, customers are often convinced to buy things based on presentation and the presentation is up to you. This job can also include inventory analysis, planning, buying, loss prevention (preventing stealing) and designing. It’s a very packed job that is creatively rewarding.


Create your own store! There is always a demand for products. Humans are—after all—a generally materialistic species. Become your own boss and get out there competing with people that are passionate about the same kinds of things as you. Everyone has something to prove and you could be the best!

Store management

The great thing about retail is that there is always somewhere to move up. There is always a higher position out there—you could start as a part-time employee at a clothing store, eventually become full-time, then key holder, then assistant manager and then next thing you know….you’re in charge. But then there’s more! A sign of a good employee is someone who is not going to stay put in one position. Loyalty to a particular company is important if you want to move up in your career—but higher-ups love knowing that an employee on a retail level respects the company enough to want to expand their career within it. Reach for the top! There’s a lot of money and opportunity up there.

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