Published on April, 2017

Why You Should Be Outside More and Away from the TV or Computer

April 30th, 2017; By Leah Butler

It’s finally spring time! The weather is getting warmer, the plants are starting to grow and the chance to be outside more is increasing! However, electronics such as TV, computer […]

Motivation in May

April 30th, 2017; By Erin Kelly

Do you ever feel more motivated when it turns into Spring? Flowers are growing, the earth is thawing and you find yourself outside more than ever, taking in as much […]

Dealing with a Loss in the Family

April 30th, 2017; By Marianne Stephens

A loss in the family, unexpected or otherwise, can happen anytime, including during post-secondary. There are many different ways to help cope with the loss, just as there are ways […]

My Co-Op Experience: OPS Learn and Work by Melanie Munoz

April 30th, 2017; By author below

By Melanie Munoz My name is Melanie and I am here today to share my success story as a result of my participation in the coop program – OPS Learn […]

My Co-Op Experience: Where Friendships Are Made by Ascenza

April 30th, 2017; By author below

Written by Ascenza A few summers ago, I was able to experience and work in an environment that truly inspired me and my future endeavors. I spent my summer working […]

My Co-Op Experience: General Internal Medicine Unit by Kristina Duricic

April 30th, 2017; By author below

Written by Kristina Duricic How it Started My name is Kristina Duricic and I am currently a grade 12 student attending high school in Hamilton, Ontario. Last semester, I was […]

A Basic Structure Guide to Writing a Great Essay

April 30th, 2017; By Gavin Mercier

For most students, essays are the worst part about school. Unfortunately, you’re going to have to write a lot of essays as long as you’re in school. However, writing them […]