A Basic Structure Guide to Writing a...

A Basic Structure Guide to Writing a Great Essay

by Gavin Mercier
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For most students, essays are the worst part about school. Unfortunately, you’re going to have to write a lot of essays as long as you’re in school. However, writing them doesn’t have to be hard. Once you learn how to write essays, they can fly by! In this article, I’ll show you how to write a SEEC essay – “Statement, example, example, closing.” This is the easiest and fastest way (in my opinion) to write a good, detailed essay. The parts of a SEEC essay are as follows: Introduction paragraph, 2 or more explanation paragraphs, and a closing paragraph.

The introduction paragraph

The hardest, but by far the most important part of an essay, is the opening. The first line of an essay or speech should grab the attention of you audience, while also letting them know what your essay is about. From the very first sentence, you set the tone and style of your essay and you let your audience know what to expect. In the first paragraph if your essay, you should briefly outline all of the topics you will be covering. Each topic should be explained in two sentences or less to keep your paragraph short and sweet. Although, if you need to take more time to explain a topic, go for it. It your essay, after all. Finally, the last line of you paragraph should wrap it all up and restate what your essay is about in the first place.

The body paragraphs

The body paragraphs are essentially the meat of a SEEC essay – they are what makes up most of the essay, so they are generally longer than your introduction paragraph. These paragraphs start with an introduction sentence, where you tell the reader what topic that paragraph will be about. After that, you need to provide evidence. This is the part where you put your knowledge on paper. Explain your topic using your research, but just make sure that each sentence is related to your topic. Finally, after you have explained your topic or point of view, write a closing paragraph that flows into your next topic sentence. Writing an essay is like completing a puzzle – each piece has to fit naturally together, otherwise it won’t make sense.

The closing paragraph.

The closing paragraph is a lot like the introduction paragraph but backwards. The first sentence of the closing paragraph should very briefly summarise everything that was outlined in your essay. The next few sentences should just re-phrase each of the topics and what you talked about for each one. Use the same rule from the first paragraph – two sentences or less should be enough to explain each topic. Finally, you should rephrase the main idea of the essay. The closing paragraph is much broader than your opening, so you don’t have to be super detailed in this one.

That’s it! Sign you name and hand it in, you just wrote a SEEC essay!

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