When can I start working? What kinds of...

When can I start working? What kinds of jobs are available?

by Gavin Mercier
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At some point or another, everybody has to start working. The minimum legal working age in Canada is 14, although different types of jobs might have different ages. For places like arenas, offices, and stores, the minimum age is 14. For factories and repair shops, the youngest you can be is 15. For construction you must be at least 16 years old, and to work in a mine you must be at least 18. With that being said, there are all sorts of places looking to hire young workers, so don’t think that your only option is to work a job that you absolutely hate.

So where is a good place to start?

As mentioned before, some great places to start are arenas, offices, and stores. Arenas are a great place to work, especially when you’re young. Being a timekeeper is a great job for new workers – it’s easy, you don’t have to do a whole lot, and the pay is pretty good. The only downside to timekeeping is the cold. If you aren’t a fan of sitting in the cold, consider being a timekeeper in a different sport. If you happen to know someone that works in an office, ask them if there are any jobs that are open. With any luck, maybe they are looking for someone to help with the organizing. Finally, apply at local grocery stores. Maybe they are looking to hire a new cashier, or need help organizing food in the aisles.

So what kind of work should I expect?

As a young worker, you shouldn’t expect anything too serious. Don’t think that you’ll be forced to do hard labour, lifting heavy objects all day, or working in extreme temperatures. In fact, the government of Canada has a lot of regulations regarding what young workers can and cannot do. Make sure you read about it, so you know what your employer is allowed to ask you to do and so you know what kind of work you are able to refuse. Make sure you know your right to refuse unsafe work, and never do anything that you don’t feel comfortable with. Whatever happens, though, remember to keep an open mind. Your first job probably isn’t going to be you favorite, so just remember to have a positive attitude about it.

Working and making your own money is great. It teaches a lot about responsibly and financial literacy. It is important for people, especially young people, to have a job. With that being said, don’t settle for a job that doesn’t seem safe to you. Your safety is the most important thing while working, so never do anything that you don’t feel comfortable with. Learn your rights as a young worker, and hopefully you will have some fun while you make money!

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