Just Graduated and Doing Nothing:...

Just Graduated and Doing Nothing: Advice and Strategies for Recent Graduates Who Are Just Sitting Around Feeling Lost/Confused

by Tiffany Chang
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Graduating from post-secondary school is an interesting time. For many, this means that your journey with academics has come to an end and you’re moving on to the next stage of life. Though exciting, it can also be quite daunting, especially if you now find yourself just sitting around while feeling lost or confused.

If you’ve been like that and you’re just sitting around as a result, here are some pieces of advice and strategies to navigate this situation:

Advice For Feeling Lost/Confused

Try Exploring Other Fields If Your Interests Have Changed

Is questioning your original choice of field the reason why you’re feeling confused? Do you find that you’ve developed an interest in other fields? In that case, look up how to go about pursuing them, e.g. the required education, associated practical training, etc. Of course, there’s no urgent need to make any commitments or concrete decisions concerning this since you’ve just finished school, but you should consider it if you’re having doubts regarding what you initially chose to pursue.

Look After Your Mental Health

Transitioning from school to the real world can be challenging as you’re probably experiencing pressure to start establishing yourself professionally now that you’ve graduated. Therefore, it’s understandable if feeling lost is further causing feelings of anxiousness.

Looking after yourself remains crucial, so try engaging with anything that helps you relax. You could set aside time on a regular basis for a hobby. If you haven’t already, try yoga and meditation. The breathing exercises they involve are known for being very helpful in this respect.

All in all, it’s evidently important to know that you must take measures to address your current circumstances as you’re now entering the workforce. However, you should also refrain from being too tough on yourself. This could cause additional stress that wouldn’t benefit you in any way.

Strategies To Navigate This Situation

Try Working an Odd Job or Volunteering In The Meantime

As this is a confusing time and you’re unsure about what to do, try working an odd job or volunteering. These are good ways to also be productive while you decide on any long-term, professional pursuits. There’s a possibility that doing so could provide you with other opportunities you’ve never considered before as well.

Research Career Coaching Services

Career coaching services are for helping people find and pursue the right career path. Many can assist in every step of the process, from creating the best related goals for you to refining your job application documents. Overall, seeking career coaching would be beneficial as, with this guidance, you’ll likely develop a better sense of where you’d like to end up.

Having just graduated, it’s normal to feel lost/confused at this point in your life. Remember that starting the career you’re meant to have likely won’t happen right away, so remain patient and don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it. If you consider taking the pointers above while looking after your well-being, you’re on the right path to effectively improving you current situation and making the correct choices for you.

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