Published on March 2nd, 2023

Paris Climate Accord and Canada’s actions

March 2nd, 2023; By Mara Hurst

The Paris Climate Accord, also known as the “Paris Agreement” is an international effort “to tackle climate change and its negative impacts.” On December 12, 2015, at a UN climate […]

Sher Vancouver: Vancouver’s LGBTQ+ South Asian Non-Profit

March 2nd, 2023; By Sarah Leung

Sher Vancouver LGBTQ Friends Society, or “Sher Vancouver” for short,” is an LGBTQ+ registered charity that provides for the B.C. South Asian community. “Sher” is a Persian word meaning “lion.” All […]

Career Profile: Farmers and Ranchers

March 2nd, 2023; By Susan Huebert

If you look at your next meal, you might see meat, fruit, vegetables, or other kinds of food that comes from farms or ranches. The work that farmers and ranchers […]

Career Profile: Photographers

March 2nd, 2023; By Susan Huebert

Taking pictures can be fun and can help people remember interesting events. For some people, photography is more than just a hobby. Professional photographers work with cameras and other instruments […]

Career Profile: Surveyors

March 2nd, 2023; By Susan Huebert

Any street with a lot of buildings, especially houses, is likely to have many fences marking the edge of each property. Before people can build those fences, they need to […]

Career Profile: Veterinarians for Large Animals

March 2nd, 2023; By Susan Huebert

If you have a pet, you probably take it to a veterinarian for vaccinations or to take care of injuries or illnesses. In cities, veterinarians mostly take care of animals […]

3 Years Later…

March 2nd, 2023; By Anthony Teles

It’s been three years. Now that some time has passed, we have a clearer idea of just how big of a cultural moment March 2020 was. And all that time, […]