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Cultivating Emotional Intelligence in Early Childhood

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By Rabia Khan

The time when children is when so much growing and learning kicks in. It is during the days of early childhood, that children experience a myriad of opportunities to receive early support and learn how to regulate their emotions. Now, it is essential to prioritize this because children will not grow up to become problematic adults and prevent them from acting irresponsibly. There are many benefits to cultivating emotional intelligence in early childhood.


Adults who received care and attention in their early childhood days tend to have higher maturity levels than those who had emotionally unavailable parents. Gaining maturity makes young people feel more independent as they transition into a much later stage in life.

Social life

For some, socializing in large gatherings could be challenging but those who grew up in a supportive environment tend to be a social butterfly and are flexible in adjusting to large social gatherings. They don’t feel shy being a total extrovert and blend well with everyone.


It is no science that excelling at academics often becomes a goal for those people who have cultivated emotional intelligence in early childhood as opposed to those who did not. These are the people who are willing to excel in academics and extracurricular activities alike. Besides, they are highly competitive and carry high self-esteem levels.


Cultivating emotional intelligence in early childhood welcomes so many benefits when one starts adulting, relationships seem easier to navigate when one is emotionally aligned. Relationships are delicate as they are, and possessing good emotional intelligence can strongly impact the bond between two people.

Recognize emotions

People who cultivate emotional intelligence in early childhood grow up to live the most fulfilling lives and the best part is that they can easily recognize their own emotions.


Adults with high emotional intelligence can understand others better and foster healthier relationships. One can assess and understand how other people feel which is excellent for overall human development in the long run.


Days during early childhood are pretty much a game-changer and get you ready for real-life challenges. When one has their emotional health tied in green light, that’s when they can face any challenge as they grow up to become adults.

Personal growth

Fostering personal growth is essential to success in life and that is only possible when one has their mental needs in check. Learning how to regulate your emotions is the greatest gift to mankind and everyone deserves to make their life worth living.

Family/community bond

When people have high emotional intelligence, they’re driven to make a good bond with the members of their family. Likewise, they also strive to do better in the community.


It’s important to feel your best to welcome opportunities in life, whether career, making connections, finding a partner or getting a well-paying job, there’s always a door to more opportunities when you have a high emotional intelligence.

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