Published on November, 2023

Role of Trades in Post-Disaster Reconstruction

November 7th, 2023; By Susan Huebert

Disasters can come suddenly or build slowly over a long time. However, they all require reconstruction once they are over, and the trades can be an important part of the […]

Women in Trades: Breaking the Stereotypes

November 7th, 2023; By Mara Hurst

Trades are an essential career path in society. This field is frequently dominated by men. In fact, “women only make up 5% of the skilled trades workforce.” (Skilled Trades College) […]

The Pros and Cons of Online Courses in Post-Secondary Education

November 7th, 2023; By Tiffany Chang

Many post-secondary schools deliver classes online, with some programs even offered entirely on a remote basis. While this opens up various opportunities for students, it still presents both pros as […]

The Significance of Land Acknowledgments

November 7th, 2023; By author below

By Avreet Jagdev Over the years, there has been a larger focus on land acknowledgements across Canada. What are land acknowledgements, and why are they so important? Land acknowledgements are […]

How the Arts Help Emotional Expression and Mental Health in Youth

November 7th, 2023; By Sarah Leung

Engaging in the arts can help youth express and navigate their emotions, as well as help with their mental health. According to the Canadian Institute for Health Information, 70 per […]

How to be an Ally to Indigenous People

November 7th, 2023; By author below

By Avreet Jagdev What is Allyship? Allyship is a word which means building relationships with marginalized communities to help support and advocate for them. Marginalized groups are those that may […]

The Importance of Teaching the History of Residential Schools in Elementary School

November 7th, 2023; By author below

By Natasha Cooper Just like Math, English and Science, History is a very important subject for students of all ages to learn.  For generations of Canadians, we have learned about […]