Projects Abroad: Offering Students...

Projects Abroad: Offering Students Short-Term Volunteer Opportunities

by Gale Blaylock
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Projects Abroad is a youth-oriented volunteer trip association that can help you plan a volunteer trip to help shape you career, your education and your life.

The company offers the opportunity to do two weeks to several months of volunteer trips in many of the destinations where they operate. For volunteers who don’t have the time to commit to a month or more of volunteering abroad, but would still like to contribute to the community or their project of choice, then short-term two-week volunteer placements are a great option. These trips are not available in all situations; they have hand-picked only the countries and projects where it is suitable for both the host community and the volunteer to be there for such a short time. To see where these trips are available, check out their prices page – if there is a price listed, then it is possible to go for two weeks.

Although you will not be able to make quite the impact that our longer-term volunteers make, in your two weeks you will be working intensely within the local community and building relationships. This will impart a level of cultural insight that is not possible for tourists to achieve.

These trips operate in the same way that normal four-week or longer projects do, with some small adjustments to help you make the most of your two weeks abroad. For instance, they ask that you arrive on the weekend so that they can give you a formal induction to the area and culture before your first day of work on Monday.

International Volunteer Work: What you get on 2 Week Trips

Volunteers on 2 Week Trips are given the same benefits as those who join for longer periods of time. Start dates are flexible – just pick any weekend to arrive – and you’ll begin your project quickly after your arrival to maximize the amount of work you can do in country.

In-country staff will be available to assist you throughout your two-weeks. You will be a part of an extensive volunteer network and meet people from all around the world. In some circumstances, you may be living with a local host family, which will provide you with the opportunity to get completely immersed in the local culture during your stay. On other projects, you may live with volunteers in a community-housing situation.

Meaningful Volunteer Work in Two Weeks: 2 Week Trips and 2 Week High School Specials

Short Term Volunteer Opportunities with Children: whether you’re taking time off from school, work, or just need a small career-break, there is always a way for you to squeeze a two week adventure into your schedule.

For high school students (ages 16-19), we recommend the “2 Week Specials” program. These are group projects that have a high level of structure and central planning by local staff. You will be in a group of students your own age for the entire project. Local staff are always close at-hand. It’s a great way to travel and volunteer abroad for younger people who have never done this before. Staff members are with these groups.

For ages 20+, we recommend joining projects for a month or longer. Most volunteers go for about two months. But if you can only squeeze in two weeks,  a “2 Week Trip” is worthwhile and productive as well.

For more information about studying abroad, contact www.projects-abroad.ca

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