Published on January, 2013

Diploma vs. Degree – What’s Best For Me?

January 31st, 2013; By Kimberly Moreau

Deciding where to continue your educational journey after high school can be difficult. With countless options available, including different credentials, areas of study and employment prospects, it may feel like […]

February Scholarships of the Month – Apply Now!

January 31st, 2013; By Jasmin Bollman

Welcome to our list of ten new scholarships for February! Remember – it’s never too early to plan your finances for post-secondary education. The sooner you start, the greater your […]

A Career in Trades – From Insiders

January 29th, 2013; By Jasmin Bollman

With a plethora of career paths available to students once they leave high school, it can sometimes be difficult to determine where you should turn. You can go to university […]

JobsPeopleDo.com Launches A NEW Trades Page!

January 28th, 2013; By Jasmin Bollman

Welcome to the February 2013 edition of JobsPeopleDo.com! We have plenty of exciting things in store for you this month, and we cannot wait to hear your feedback. First up, […]

Can Anyone Get a Scholarship?

January 27th, 2013; By Kathleen Gerry

Sometimes when we are thinking about who does and doesn’t get a scholarship, we begin to hypothesize that it is only “brainiacs” who get them. We start thinking that you […]

Geothermal Heat and the Sewers of Paris

January 27th, 2013; By Susan Huebert

Winter is here, together with ice, snow, and cold weather. Many people have already started using furnaces fueled by oil, natural gas, coal or other forms of energy to keep […]

What Is a Red Seal and Why Is It Important?

January 27th, 2013; By Service Canada

What is the Interprovincial Standards Red Seal Program? The Red Seal program was established to provide skilled workers with greater mobility across Canada. Through the program, certified journeypersons are able […]