What Is a Red Seal and Why Is It...

What Is a Red Seal and Why Is It Important?

by Service Canada
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What is the Interprovincial Standards Red Seal Program?

The Red Seal program was established to provide skilled workers with greater mobility across Canada. Through the program, certified journeypersons are able to obtain a Red Seal endorsement on their Certificate of Qualification by successfully completing, where applicable, an interprovincial standards examination. The program encourages standardization of provincial and territorial apprenticeship training and certification programs. The Red Seal allows qualified persons to practice their respective occupation in any province or territory in Canada where it is designated, without having to attempt further examinations. To date, there are forty-five occupations included in the Interprovincial Red Seal Program.

What other benefits come from enrolling in a “Red Seal” Trade Apprenticeship?

You have probably heard the radio commercials from the Government of Canada recently about the Apprenticeship Incentive Grant program. Right now there is a very high demand for tradespeople of all varieties. This is why the Government of Canada created the Incentive Program to attract people to learn a trade.

That’s right – you can get paid twice to learn a trade, instead of running up high tuition bills while you learn! To learn more about the Apprenticeship Incentive Grant Program, please visit the Service Canada website.

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