Published on October 31st, 2019

November Prep

October 31st, 2019; By Erin Kelly

As I sit here this Halloween night, the rain is pouring and the cold chill of Winter is creeping in. The purgatory we find ourselves in before winter is odd […]

How to Improve Your Math Skills in School

October 31st, 2019; By Marianne Stephens

Math is not everybody’s favourite subject. So if it’s like that for you, you are not alone. However, you may find yourself struggling with it, especially high school Math. There […]

Career Profile: Restoration Mason

October 31st, 2019; By Susan Huebert

Suppose that you made a birdhouse or a wooden cart that started to fall apart. Would you fix the problem, or would you start all over again? If you prefer […]

Extracurricular Activities That Lead to Jobs During High School

October 31st, 2019; By Alexa Cairns

School clubs are an amazing way to get involved and gain life experience, learn, and lead into jobs in the future. By taking part in these clubs and teams, you […]

The Importance of Addressing Workplace Inequality

October 31st, 2019; By Alexa Cairns

In 1848, the women’s suffrage movement began. Females all across New York State joined together to stand up for themselves and their rights as human beings. Since then, we as […]