Three Great Careers You May Not Realize...

Three Great Careers You May Not Realize Are Trades

by Meghan Brown
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What do you think of when you see the phrase “skilled trades?”

Many people’s thoughts will go straight to a few of the most recognizable trades, such as electricians, carpenters, mechanics, or plumbers.  But there are actually many different jobs you see every day that are considered skilled trades, but which may not be obvious at first glance.  This means that even if you aren’t interested in working a job related to construction, there are lots of other exciting and profitable careers to choose from that still fall under the category of skilled trades.

Hairstylists and Makeup Artists

If you’re interested in fashion trends and using your artistic skills on other people, then developing a career as a hairstylist or makeup artist is a great way to go. Considered a service trade, these jobs require a keen eye for detail, steady hands to wield a makeup brush or stylists’ scissors, and a desire to help people feel great about themselves by giving them a great look.

Hairstylists will often work in a salon taking regular appointments, but both hairstylists and makeup artists can also work independently in their own business.  Often these tradespeople will choose to specialize their business toward a specific type of work, such as wedding hairstyles and makeup.  They can also be employed freelance or with a studio doing hair and makeup for movies and television.  Most hairstylists and makeup artists take a combination of college or beautician trade school courses, as well as working apprenticeships to learn the skills they need.


Do you have a love of food, cooking, and creating new recipes to share with friends and family?  Working as a chef is a perfect career for someone who loves learning new things about the food we eat, and making others happy and healthy by cooking them great meals.

Chefs are skilled tradespeople who work in kitchens, restaurants, event venues, cafeterias, hospitals, and many other places where meals are required to be prepared and served.  They can be employed by these places directly, or chefs can establish themselves as independent catering businesses and hire on for specific events.  Many trade schools and colleges offer culinary programs designed to train chefs, but you can also start wirectly in a kitchen as an apprentice to learn the ins and outs of this trades career.

Dental Hygienist

Working as a dental hygienist is a great career choice for those who are interested in the medical field, but who may not want to become a doctor or nurse.  These skilled tradespeople perform the initial part of a standard dentist’s visit, including cleaning a patient’s teeth, examining their gums, administering fluoride or mouthwashes, and assessing a person’s overall oral health.  They work alongside dentists and medical receptionists to manage patient information, and must have excellent interpersonal skills to work smoothly with both coworkers and the patients they are examining.

Dental hygienists typically complete a college degree to learn the necessary medical and dental background, and develop their hands-on skills.  There will also be training and other practical practice before working on an actual person.

And Many More!

Of course, these are only three examples out of dozens of skilled trades.  However, these three very different trades demonstrate the breadth of trades careers available.  Whatever your interests–whether you want to do something artistic and creative, something that nurtures other people, or something related to healthcare and the wellbeing of others–there’s a trades career out there for you!





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