Getting The Right Tutor For You

Getting The Right Tutor For You

by Sadie Osborne
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Sometimes we need a little extra help when learning new things, and that is okay. We can find people to help us understand; these people can be called tutors.

How do you know you might need a tutor in the first place? Usually people hire a tutor when they are having a really hard time understanding what they are being taught. You might be able to tell on your own, or maybe your teachers or parents might suggest it.

Ask your teachers or school guidance counselors for recommendations, or if the school offers any tutoring services. Some schools may have a tutoring program where students can help tutor other students that are struggling.  Alternatively, you may hire a professional tutor. There are places you can go that offer tutoring services like Oxford Learning Tutoring. You can look online, but you should do this with a parent or trusted adult for online safety.

Once you have found a tutoring service you need to find a tutor that will help you based on your needs, make sure to know what classes you need help in. A math tutor won’t be much help if you are struggling with history! It will also help to know how you learn best. Not everyone learns the same way and being taught in a way that makes it easy for you to understand can make a world of difference.

If you feel you need a tutor or you are recommended to get a tutor, discuss it with your parents and teachers. You might feel a little embarrassed at first but there is absolutely nothing wrong with getting extra help, especially if you need it.

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  1. Eve Mitchell says:

    My daughter has ADD and learning is really a challenge for it. It’s good to know that schools and counselors can give tutor recommendations. I think that having a tutor would help her out a lot with school. https://drdavideppp.com/

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