Fabulous Fall/ Winter Fashion Finds

Fabulous Fall/ Winter Fashion Finds

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By Erin Rebello

With the holidays just around the corner it’s about time to start bundling up with cozy sweaters and fuzzy slippers! Though it can be difficult to find that perfect blend between warm and stylish, the guide below is filled with winter and fall finds that are sure to appease your inner fashionista. Grab a steaming mug of hot cocoa as we review these top 8 winter must-haves!

  1. PUFFER JACKET- Many of the items on this list are classics, but the puffer jacket is an emerging trend. Though this piece of outerwear has been ignored for the past few years, it’s managed to fall into style this winter and is making waves across the nation. Jackets tend to cost a pretty penny but they also usually last for a couple of years. They are, however, a necessity when the sub-zero temperatures begin to roll in. With some savvy shopping, you might be able to snag yourself one of these snazzy jackets for under $25. Check the thrift stores!
  2. BOOTS- Similar to the jacket, boots are an investment piece and last for years. Most people own two types of boots- work boots and formal boots. Work boots are great for casual purposes in the winter, such as trips to the grocery store or winter yard work. These boots can–and should–be roughed up! Formal boots on the other hand, tend to be more stylistic and might include decorative clasps or tassels. Though they are less functional than work boots, formal boots are great for special occasions and work great for Christmas parties!
  3. PYJAMAS- Though these seem pretty basic, a great pair of pyjamas can make or break your holiday season. There is one–and only one– rule for pajamas: they must be comfortable! That’s… about it! Any piece of clothing can be pyjamas so long as they’re comfortable enough to sleep in. Though you can find really cute festive sleepwear sets, an old t-shirt from summer camp and a pair of paint-splattered sweatpants works just as well!
  4. FLANNEL- While it’s true that flannel isn’t really an article of clothing, this type of fabric embodies the spirit of Christmas so perfectly that it had to be included on this list! With its soft texture and cozy feel, flannel makes for great casual wear, pyjamas, and even accessories! Most of the time, you’ll find this plaid-printed fabric on pyjama bottoms, long-sleeved shirts, and the inner lining of jackets.
  5. JEANS- Ah denim, the perfect material for just about any season. I love wearing jeans for the winter because they pair well with just about anything! Fitted shirt? Check! Baggy sweater? Double-check! Comfy moccasins? Check, check, check! Jeans also come in a variety of different colours, cuts, and add-ons such as buttons and rips. I prefer to go with a classy boot-cut pair in a shade of darker blue. Acid wash skinny jeans are another one of my personal go-to pants!
  6. ACCESSORIES- No outfit is complete without the addition of a variety of accessories. From jewelry to scarves to a sturdy purse, accessorizing is crucial to a great look and also great functionality. For starters, it’s important to ensure that you have what you need to keep warm, including mittens, hats, and scarves. I believe that mittens are superior to gloves in nearly every way, but it really comes down to personal preference. Since my jackets are usually solid-coloured, I love to go out with a patterned hat and scarf set. Pom-poms also look super cute when sewn into the tops of hats or the tassels of mittens.
  7. SOCKS- Number 2 on my top list would have to be festive socks. Though normal socks can become boring and plain over time, Christmas-themed socks are perfect for the holiday season! With a variety of designs, from holiday wreaths to sledding penguins, you’ll never be bored (or cold) with a pair of Christmas socks to add some spice into your life. Many people also choose to wear their festive socks throughout the year, which is an ultra-win!
  8. SWEATERS- Although it took a while to come up with the perfect list of seasonal clothing, the very first style idea that came to mind was the classic sweater. Layers are crucial during Canadian winters, and sweaters provide just that! Not only that, but you can also find some great sweaters for really cheap if you head to your local thrift store and shop around for a while. With a variety of options, a sweater is arguably the most versatile piece of clothing and goes well with any outfit. Though hoodies and crewnecks never go out of style, the quarter-zip seems to be the most on-trend sweater this season.

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