March Break Activity Ideas!

March Break Activity Ideas!

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By Maryam Sheikh

With just under a month until March break, you might already be planning for your week off. There is a lot to do, whether it is indoors, outdoors, with your friends or with family. In this article, I will be sharing some fun activities to keep you busy during the March break!

Searching the City

  1. Make a trip to your local library. Many cities hold programs throughout the week that appeal to a variety of age groups. Register to watch an animal or magic show, make some arts and crafts, learn a new skill, or play board games with new friends.
  2. Talk to your parents or guardians about planning a day out. Many science centres, museums, art galleries, and play spaces have extended hours during the break. There are a lot of cool places to check out around the city.
  3. A place I always enjoyed visiting over the break when I was younger was my local Chapters bookstore. Every year, they had different activities taking place every day of the week, whether it was a read-aloud, craft activity, or game day. I encourage you to take a look on their website and see if there are any locations near you.

At Home

  1. Use your days off to unleash your inner chef! Search online for snacks, meals, and dessert recipes to plan a meal for the family. Pick a theme- foods from around the world, meals that revolve around a colour, or try making your favorite dish. Time to impress your loved ones!
  2. Want to get your creative juices flowing? Pick a topic, and record your own podcast! Interview your parents, friends, and family members about a topic you are interested in. If you prefer taking videos, create a short film or stop motion animation-the options are endless.
  3. Throw a popcorn party for your friends. If there’s a show or movie you want to watch, invite them over and have everyone bring a different snack. Hold a character costume contest to see who dresses up the best!

The Great Outdoors

  1. Ready, set, photograph! Organize a photo scavenger hunt to complete throughout the week. Make a list of things to photograph outside: letters of the alphabet to find made in nature, or objects for every colour of the rainbow. If you are hanging out with a group, split off into teams and see who can get photos of all the objects first. This is a good way to practise your photography skills and have fun.
  2. Canada still tends to be chilly during the March break, but that is no reason not to go outside and enjoy some outdoor activities. There are ski hills and skating rinks in many cities, so look up schedules online, grab your gear, and go for a skate or ski trip

The March break is a great time to unwind, relax, and focus on some hobbies and fun activities. Take the week to enjoy time with friends and family and prepare to return to school with more energy than ever!

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