Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas You...

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas You Can Make at Home

by Linda Mendes
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Valentine’s Day is coming up soon! Are you thinking about making gifts yourself this year? Taking the time to make gifts for others is a very thoughtful gesture. If you’d like to make gifts instead of buying them this year, here are a few ideas to inspire you!

Valentine’s Candy Jar

Most people enjoy eating candy. For this gift, all you need is a jar and several different types of candy. Then, you fill the jar with all of the candy. If you’d like, you could also decorate the jar with strings, fabric, or even paint it.

‘You Mean the World to Me’ Globe

Who wouldn’t like being told that they mean the world to someone, especially on Valentine’s Day? To make this gift, you will need a globe and craft supplies. On the globe, you could write the phrase “You Mean the World to Me” with markers, paint, or letter stickers. Afterward, you may decorate the globe with Valentine’s Day-themed decorations however you’d like!

Candy Hearts Garland

Have you ever seen those cute, little candy hearts near Valentine’s Day? If you think they’re adorable, you could create a garland inspired by them. All you need are colourful pieces of paper to cut into hearts, some string to connect the hearts, and a marker to write words such as “cutie” and “love” on them. This gift will have everyone craving candy hearts!

Valentine’s Day Cupcake

Cupcakes are perfect for any holiday or occasion. They are simple to make and there are several recipes online that you could easily follow. There are also cupcake kits you could buy. To make the cupcakes extra special for Valentine’s Day, you could decorate them with coloured icing, sprinkles, and cupcake toppers!

Friendship Bracelet

Friendship bracelets are great to give as gifts and they are simple to make. Although they are called “friendship bracelets,” they could be given to everyone and anyone! All you will need is string and beads if you’d like to include them. There are several tutorials online showing how to create different types of patterns.

Fortune Cookies

Have you ever had a fortune cookie? Wasn’t it fun reading the note inside and then eating the cookie? If so, you would probably also have fun baking the cookies and deciding on the fortunes that go inside! Online there are several recipes that you could easily follow to create your own fortune cookies. You could also make them any colour you’d like to fit the Valentine’s Day theme! For the fortunes, you could either write them by hand or print them out on thin pieces of paper. Be sure to make your fortunes Valentine’s Day themed!

Personalized Candle

Candles make amazing gifts! There are several colours, scents, and sizes to choose from. If you’d like to give someone a candle and personalize it a bit, you could engrave a message onto it. For this, you would need to buy pillar candles that don’t come in jars. You could engrave a message on the side and paint it! Another option is to use that pillar candle and place it in a decorated jar. You may also create your own special candle if you’d prefer!

Bath Bombs

What is a better way to relax than taking a bath? Bath bombs can help make your bath even more relaxing. You can choose whichever colour and scent you’d like. Bath bombs look quite interesting and difficult to make, but you could make them at home! There are several tutorials online. To keep it Valentine’s Day themed, you could create pink, red, purple, and white heart-shaped bath bombs!

You now have eight different gift ideas you could make at home! You should try to make at least one of them for this year’s Valentine’s Day. Once you realize how fun it can be, you’ll want to make homemade gifts for every holiday!







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