Published on November 29th, 2011

Doing Scholarships the Right Way: Tips on Application

November 29th, 2011; By Giulio Rocco

Like getting a ton of free money? Of course you do! Those lines might sound like the beginning of an un-reputable online advertisement but the truth is there are plenty […]

The College Transition

November 29th, 2011; By 0 Backup WordPress

As you enter your first year of college, you are bound to encounter personal anxiety over the new place, new home, and new friends-don’t worry, you are not alone. Every […]

Law school applications continue to rise

November 29th, 2011; By 0 Backup WordPress

As if law school wasn’t hard enough — applying to law school is harder than ever. Universities across Canada are experiencing record-breaking application rates as a weak economy continues pushing […]

Laugh your way THIN ( part 1 )

November 29th, 2011; By Erica Cooper

If you follow the steps below you will laugh more frequently. Laughter is an excellent form of aerobic exercise: a hearty, belly laugh produces the same physical response as thirty […]

Bringing Bedtime Back

November 29th, 2011; By Laurel Walsh

In adapting to a fast-paced lifestyle, students have forgotten a basic necessity: sleep! With demanding class schedules, study cramming, and endless party opportunities, the level of sleep deprived Canadian college […]

Just Say No

November 29th, 2011; By Laurel Walsh

Yes we can! Or can we? Saying yes to too many commitments can lead to overexertion and an inability to complete tasks to the best of your ability. The Obama […]